10 Quick Tips To Get That Wow Factor When Decorating A White Space

July 21, 2018
We often have mixed reactions towards the idea of a white room. You may be equal parts comfortable and terrified. For example, you’ve found a wonderful denai alam terrace house for sale, but everything is painted white. Covering up the white throughout the house with a new coat of paint is sure to burn a hole in your pockets. Rather than shy away from it, learn to embrace it!

Many homeowners think that it is difficult to make a white room feel cozy, warm and welcoming. However, the truth of the matter is that white is one of the most refreshing and rejuvenating colors in the spectrum. It can evoke a myriad of feelings ranging from cleanliness and clinical to warm and sophisticated.

So, before you put your foot down on all-white interiors, take a look at these 10 quick tips. These tips are sure to sway you towards the benefits and wow factor that comes when you decorate your space in white.


1. Start with a blank slate of white

White is not an intimidating color at all. You can look at the color white as a fresh start in your decorating journey. White can inspire you to do whatever you want and go wherever your ideas and creativity takes you. Sometimes, a blank slate of white in your space can even inspire your decorating endeavor. Think of the color white as a beautiful canvas and backdrop for your gorgeous vistas.

2. Choose the best shade of white

Not all whites will fit your space perfectly. White is not just a single color. Rather, there are hundreds of shades of white and there are minute differences between the different shades in the spectrum of white. Whites can have undertones of every color in the spectrum. For example, some may have undertones of pinks, while others may have underlying hints of yellow. You need to look at the details of your space to decide on the best shade of white to use. Look at your flooring, cabinets, furniture pieces and even your lighting to help choose the best underlying colored white.

3. Use white as a versatile canvas

A predominantly white room can act as a versatile canvas that can quickly mold itself to any theme and style of décor. You might fancy tones of earthy red and rustic yellow to usher in the warmer months and want to switch to bright colors and pastels in the cooler months. You can use accent pieces such as rugs, pillows, throws and window treatments to create seasonal themes to match your current mood. A white interior can surely give you the versatility and flexibility to change your color palette at a whim.

4. Bring in other colors to highlight your whites

A pop of a beautiful color amongst a sea of white interiors is a tried and tested way to give an instant and dramatic “wow” moment. For example, if you have a bathroom with a bathtub, sink basin and flooring all in white, incorporating a red mosaic tile wall can give your space punch and pizazz. You can also consider teal and aqua glass tiles, or even monochromatic metallic steel finishes to add a striking accent to your all-white bathroom. Just make sure to keep the details singular to avoid creating too many focal points.

5. Let a piece of artwork take center stage

A white backdrop makes it easy for you to create a focal point. It is a great asset that allows you to showcase your own personality and style in your space. For example, if you love art, you can easily turn a large painting into a grand focal point without it having to compete with the color on the walls, the furniture or even the décor. You can easily make sure all eyes will be right where you want it to be.

6. Layer tone-on-tone whites

In a white room, layering is one of the key décor ideas that you should embrace. A white room tends to lack personality and warmth, so you should consider layering similar shades of white, warm whites, grays, etc. Play around with different patterns, textures and materials in similar shades and hues of white to create visual depth and interest. For example, you can incorporate an upholstered headboard, window treatments, textiles and bedding in varying shades of tone-on-tone white to create harmony and balance in your bedroom.

7. Don’t shy away from white upholstery

You might think that white upholstery is hard to keep clean and shows dirt and stains quickly, but this all depends on what type of fabric you choose, and what you will use the upholstered piece for. For example, a sofa in high traffic spaces such as the living and family rooms should be upholstered in a more durable material. While adding slipcovers is a good idea if you have pets and children. Don’t shy away from white upholstery just because of the color. Rather, you should make sure that the fabric you choose is suitable for your space and lifestyle.

8. Use white for both modern and traditional spaces

The beauty of white is its versatility. A warm shade of white pairs well with traditional décor, while a cooler white hue can bring out the best in minimal and modern spaces. Above all, the color white is clean and classic and is sure to bring value to your home.

9. Use white to hide “blemishes”

White is also an easy way to distract the eye from any issues with your interiors. It doesn’t matter if your house and space suffers from architectural mishaps, unwanted and exposed mechanical ducts, or even unsightly overhead blemishes in the walls, the color white is an instant eraser that can camouflage these eyesores. Just as white can highlight architectural and craftsman details, it can as easily hide them blemishes.

10. White and metals are a timeless combination

Mixing metals with white is one of the latest trends in interior design. Metal colors such as stainless steel, brass, copper and even gold are great accents to an all-whitespace. Whether it is in the form of stainless steel appliances in the kitchen, or brass lighting fixtures in your family room, metals are a great accent that brings out the crispness of white interiors.

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