How to earn from property investment

March 12, 2018

Many people has jump into the property investment bandwagon. Back then, buying a property for the purpose of selling in short term was definitely tempting and possible. As of today, buying a property and selling it in a short time is definitely harder as compared to decades ago, as the property market has slowed down significantly and property prices no longer rise as much due to government’s measure to cool down the market.

However, the insiders from the property industry think that property market is recovering. Moreover, government has let loose of the measure as well. Therefore, if you are looking for the right time to jump into the property market and earn from property investment, you should know more about property flipping. Furthermore, there are many condominiums in Paya Lebar that are for sale.

A.                Flipping versus long term investment
First of all, it is essential to understand the term flipping. Flipping is method of making profit by buying a property and reselling it within the shortest time possible. Property flippers could flip a property within a short time (weeks or months) whereas property investors would normally wait for a few years for capital appreciation.

There are various ways to do property flipping if you are interested in. You can either take multiple smaller home loans if you are able to afford, or opt for a higher priced property that has great investment value.

  1. Factors to consider
  1. Timing
Timing plays an important role when it comes to flipping. There is no reason to buy another property for the sake of flipping when the property market is already in its peak or has been stagnant. Due to the global economy condition currently, it is quite implausible that the property market will have a raise in property prices.

In addition, government will most likely step in when they are aware of speculative property purchases. However, this does not mean the it is impossible to do property flipping, as long as you are getting the right target property with good location, good accessibility and size.

2.                  Seller’s Stamp Duty (SSD)
You should also be aware of the Seller’s Stamp Duty (SSD) that the government has imposed. This SSD is announced to discourage people from short term buying and selling the property. In addition, SSD is accounted for when it comes to weighing the net profit you expect from the sale of the property. However, the government has waived the SSD after 3 years instead of 4 years.

Moderate term flipping is still possible if you consider buying a new property with a TOP date of over 3 years, then sell it without stamp duty payable. In addition, most of the home loans come with low interest rate for the first two years.

3.                  Total Debt Servicing Ratio (TDSR)
Currently, the total debt servicing ratio is 60%. That being said, your debt obligations including the credit card debt and personal loans should not exceed more than 60% of your monthly income.

This will then make property investment more difficult than it already is, however, still possible. It is still wise to think thoroughly before taking up on another loan to make it easier to apply for another loan. You definitely do not want to find yourself occupied with mortgage debts that cause you to lose a chance on flipping and make a profit out of it.

4.                  Scarcity of property
You might think that the property that you are targeting has a good location with great amenities, and will definitely be able to flip to make a profit. But might want to think twice about it. There might be many property developments going on in the area that you are interested in and are to be launched soon. Therefore, your chance of getting your property flipped at higher priced might be affected.

5.                  Long term potential
If you happen to have a property that is considered highly desirable with good location, good accessibility and right size that will provide you a good rental income every month, it might be a good idea holding on to the property instead of selling it within short period, even though the profit you gain will be tempting.

If you are looking at property that is located in developing area, you will be able to see substantial gains when the area has matured into a prime estate. It is good to be patient when it comes to this situation.

In conclusion, it is good to do your research and get yourself educated before you venture in the property investment industry. The journey to property investment might not be easy but it will definitely be worth the efforts if done right.

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